Written by Todd Terje on October 22, 2011

Welcome to letsnerd.com, a place where you´re allowed to get your fingernails nirdy. Or something. I´m obviously a big nerd, especially when it comes to synthesizers, recording gear, kick drum sounds, Patrick Adams synth patches, Rinder & Lewis basslines, “dub snare” spring reverbs, Leroy Burgess piano chords, homemade echo plates etc. If you wanna learn you have to ask questions, even if the questions sound dumb or uninteresting to some. So baby, what´s YOUR favourite frequency?

Okidok, let´s go.

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  1. Clark Price says:

    Hey dude!

    Very nice first interview man, but I have a request. It looks like you’re using Myriad Pro Light for your font. Its kind of hard to read and the leading is a little tight. Any chance you could increase it bit :P.


  2. Valerian says:

    Hi, i’m a 22 years old french music producer, and i (try to) produce kind of “space music”.

    My question is about synth pads. The kind of pads you can hear on the background of Moroder’s “the Chase”.
    There is an effect on the synthetizer.. I don’t if it’s a little flanger, or a chorus with a lot of ‘feedback’ on it.

    So what do you think ? Chorus or flanger ?
    I get closer to that sound adding Ableton’s live chorus effect on my Korg Delta…


  3. stephen says:

    thanks for doing what you’re doin man! this blog rox

  4. bleepbloop says:

    Have to say, one review done and I’m loving it. Really intetesting stuff and favourite frequency? …..maybe the nyquist frequency.

  5. Justin says:

    Only two posts and this site already rocks! Can’t wait to see more nerd speak!
    And I want to see videos. Lot’s of ‘em. Don’t care how nerdy they are. A 3 hour video of creating that perfect bass patch? Bring it!

  6. Agamemnon says:

    Awesome drums info. But we can go deeper on these interviews!

    Lets hear about more outboard gear. EQs, Compressors, esoteric FX, ADDA Converters, Preferred sample rates, Consoles / desks or mixing in the box,
    Workflows in composition and mixing. Soft synths and hardware synths, which DAW, hardware or software samplers. Mastering serperately or whilst mixing?

    But hold on – this is not nerdy stuff. Nerd is derogatory. This is tech stuff for top notch producers. Word.

  7. tyler says:

    love the james murphy interview. would love to see interviews with producers you like who use really simple tricks in apartment studios / improvised recording setups.

  8. Dane says:


    This is a wet dream.

    Thank you.

  9. colin says:

    Hey! This was great. love and play your tracks in my sets BTW.

    This is just the sort of thing i wish more folks would do. Im tired of reading about new technology and nonsense .. as an owner of a often dysfunctional juno106 this was great and its awesome to hear from others that speak about gear / working in the same way i do.

    keep it going!

  10. periodicity says:

    You have created a monstnerd! great work.Thank you
    snooze for love is bonkers!Cant wait for the new.\

  11. Hannibal says:

    Great idea. Looking forward to more of this.

  12. TheName says:

    Hello there !

    I just want to say a udge THANK YOU…!! I’m surfing on the web, looking especially for James Murphy’s production technics for drums recordings (with no big hope to find something), and Here I am !! This itw is a gold mine my friend.

    We’re a french electro band, playing with old analogue keyboards (juno 60, minimoog, sci pro one, sci prophet 60, tb 303, sh 101, cs 15, polysix, ms 10, solina string ensemble, TR 707, fender rhodes and clavinet D6) and real drums (DW, and some trigged sounds with a SPDS).

    We’re more live musicians than big producers, and we learn…. actually, we try hard ;)

    We’re producing our album that we have to finish in few weeks, I would be so glad to exchange ideas with you, for sound, compressions, etc. Can’t wait to see next posts !!

    Best regards, thanks again.

  13. Holy Ghost! says:

    Holy crap this site rules mr. Terje!

    And to valerian’s question about “the chase” the effect your after is a phaser set Slow and deep.

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